Clutch previously reported Daniele Watts, an Actress cast in “Django Unchained,” was racially profiled over the weekend. On Monday, Watts sat down with anchors from CNN’s “News Day” and gave a detailed account of what happened.

Prior to Watts’ account, the conversation that transpired between the actress and the police officer was aired.

When asked if she felt differently watching the incident than experiencing it she replied, “I feel like it’s something that I am very appreciative is being made aware you know to the people of this country. I feel humbled by the experience and I know there is a lot for us all to grow and learn from it.”

According to Watts, the couple were making out in the their vehicle when the police arrived stating there was a couple participating in lewd acts. The officer only acknowledged her white boyfriend; until she blurted out she would not hand over her ID.

Watts did not hand over her ID because she believed she was in her constitutional rights to make that decision. She said, “I’m within my amendment rights, my constitutional rights to say, ‘No, unless you’re charging me with a crime I will not be giving you my ID’ that is a right that I stand up for because of the shoulders that I stand on… because of the people who fought so hard for their rights that came before me. Black, white, all people have been fighting for these rights for freedom. It’s beyond race at this point.”

Check out the 11-minute video below.

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  • lil ray

    Girl just own up to it you where embarrass you got caught having sex in public and freak-out and made a mountain out of mole hill.

    • leelah

      Ask yourself…who has sex in a office parking lot right off a busy street? Right outside of the office that they rely on to get work? Why are you assuming the caller was truthful? Was George Zimmerman truthful when he said Trayvon was circling his vehicle flashing a weapon? Was the caller in Ohio truthful when he claimed a black man was pointing a weapon at people in Walmart? Maybe just maybe some callers will add a little bit more to a story just so the police will have a sense of urgency.–She just went to that office and then someone from the same office called the police, maybe the caller was being vindictive.

  • Loquacious

    I mentioned this in the comment section of the previous story about Ms. Watts: if you want to stand up to police officers, make sure you know the law in the state you are in and your Constitutional rights.

    In Hiibel vs. Nevada,52 U.S. 177, the US Supreme Court found stop and identify statutes to be constitutional. California doesn’t have a stop and identify law; however, Ms. Watts Constitutional rights, specifically the Fourth and Fifth Amendment, were not violated.


    • Anthony

      Regardless of the law, police officers don’t like to be “shown up.” If some thing is a matter of principle, be prepared to be arrested, and before you get to court and win your case.

    • Rashee

      She was completely within her rights then. It was her right to give her name but not her ID. Especially if Stop and ID (which shouldn’t be constitutional anywhere) isn’t in place

      If you are stopped for questioning, DO…

      DO give your name and the information on your drivers’ license. If you don’t, you may be arrested, even though the arrest may be illegal.

      DO remember you have the right to remain silent. You cannot be arrested or detained for refusing to answer questions. But it can look suspicious to the police.

      DO show an ID if you are getting a ticket so that you can be released.

      DO ask the police to see a search warrant if they want to search you or your home.

      DO make sure the officer knows you do not agree to be searched (they might search you anyway, but make your opposition known. You can say “I do not consent to a search.”).

      DO ask if you are free to leave. If they say ‘yes,’ leave; if they say ‘no,’ DO ask to know why.

  • DarthVader

    Haha, she’s just embarrassed she didn’t know the law and didn’t know she didn’t have the right to refuse the police if they are investigating you because you match the description of the report. She should have just handed over her ID like her boyfriend did instead of pulling the race and fame card. Why they didn’t talk to her first instead of her boyfriend? Because the law likes to investigate who you are on the phone with if they are called in to investigate. I think it’s called intercept.

    • Facts not Fanatics

      WRONG. She does not have to show ID. Why are people such sheep. Race card? Did you just bring out that old dismissive and insulting term? Yup, you are not black. Dead giveaway. Nice try troll.

    • DarthVader

      Ummm yes she did..

  • Watts unchained …