A Mississippi woman convicted of killing a Georgia woman by injecting her buttocks with illegal silicone has been sentenced to life.

Tracey Lynn Garner of Jackson, Mississippi was convicted of depraved heart murder and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She was sentenced to five years on the wire fraud charge.

Karima Gordon sought out Garner to perform the procedure. Prosecutors say Gordon and a friend were referred to Garner by Natasha Stewart, an adult entertainer also known as Pebbelz Da Model. Stewart was convicted of manslaughter in Garner’s death and sentenced to seven years.

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  • ShezSooUnusual

    Are women really “Ready to Die’ (as Biggie would say) just to get a big butt and impress a man?

    If you simply must have one of these onion booties that the menfolk are always rappin’ about, get your butt down to the gym (or purchase a collection of workout DVDs) and get acquainted with the wonderful world of strength training.

    There’s no reason to be over at the local Motel 6 letting a transgender woman pump Fix-a-Flat in your bottom. A baller caller azz(as Sommore affectionately called it) is not worth your life.

    The glutes are muscles, they can be built. And I guarantee you, a butt built in the gym will look a helluva lot more natural than whatever mysterious concoction you’d be paying to have injected.

    Not everyone can have Erykah Badu’s bum (blame it on genetics), but clean eating coupled with a regular routine of cardio and “lifting” can firm and lift anyone’s seat.

    If an injury prevents you from lifting free weights, use your body instead. Yoga, Pilates and barre are great for toning and lifting booties.

    • That’s great advice. More women should lift!

      I’m naturally blessed with assets, but not the “baller caller azz”…at 29, I noticed it had lost some of it’s ‘lift’…nothing a few leg lifts, squats, and kick boxing classes didn’t fix! I don’t like the muscular butt look, so I don’t over do it. For women who are looking for lift, though, leg lifts will do it!

    • ShezSooUnusual

      @KnottyNatural: How did I forget to mention squats? LOL…Squats and the bridge exercise are God-sends for those of us who aren’t as “naturally blessed with assets.”

      P.S. Always nice to chat with a fellow kickboxer.

  • Afrostyling

    She looks like she has done some illegal things to her own face. Ladies, if its nothing the gym cant fix, just accept it and live your life.