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Whether your scars are a result of an ongoing bout with adult acne, a reminder of those particularly boisterous childhood adventures or remnants of a surgical procedure, there has likely been a never-ending quest to fade or eliminate the discoloration and tissue damage these experiences leave behind. Sure, you could partake in the multiple cosmetic remedies that mask the scars. You could also wear carefully coiffed hairstyles and coordinated outfits that conceal those skin imperfections, or accept them as some sort of life map, but what if you want a more permanent resolution achieved the natural way?

For those who prefer to avoid harsh chemicals in over-the-counter products or would rather not spend a fortune on expensive laser treatments, here are six natural ways to reduce the appearance of scarring. Bear in mind that scar tissue formation is based on a variety of factors such as age, genetics and skin condition, among other things, and reactions may vary depending on skin types.

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