In hopes to project a more diverse image of the modern family, General Mills launched a new campaign entitled the “Cheerios Effect.”

The new Canadian campaign presents several families and their stories about love. The narratives include a physically disabled man and his physically capable wife, a gay Caucasian couple discussing how they fell in love and the story about adopting their daughter, who is Black, and others. While each storyline is compelling, the ad featuring the gay couple and their beautiful daughter has ruffled a few feathers.

In the video, André and Jonathan discuss the beauty of being parents to Raphaëlle while leading a gay lifestyle, which André notes he never thought would have been possible. However, the couple is not blind to the controversy they will have to face.

Jonathan said, “People outside, who have problems with [me calling myself her dad] they [are] going to try to put doubt in our head, and you know, we [are going] to have to fight with that.”

The idea was sparked following the controversial commercial that featured a biracial family in the U.S.

“We were inspired by the work we saw in the U.S.,” General Mills Canada’s director of marketing for cereal, Jason Doolan said in an interview with The Global and Mail. “…What we realized at that point was, by simply reflecting the diversity of real people, there’s an opportunity to engage in a social conversation that is important to a lot of people.”

Watch André and Jonathan share their emotional storyline below. Visit General Mills’ YouTube page to view all the narratives.


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