On Monday, R&B singer Chris Brown took to Twitter to share his thoughts regarding the Ebola outbreak, which has caused deaths in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone as well as Texas.

He tweeted:

Brown quickly followed the tweet by saying, “Let me shut my black ass up!”

The initial tweet received more than 30,000 retweets and more than 21,000 individuals favorite the tweet. Several people agreed with the “New Flame” singer, while others dismissed the idea.

One person, who agreed, said:

While another replied:

According to the World Health Organization, the death count has hit 4,000 in those countries as of Monday. Most recently in Texas one Ebola patient has died, while a nurse who had daily contact with the patient has been diagnosed with the virus.

In addition, there was also an Ebola scare in Brooklyn, N.Y. A teen, who had recently visited Sudan, was rushed to Brookdale Hospital last Friday night with Ebola-like symptoms, authorities said. However, following a series of tests it was determined the patient does not have Ebola.

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