Oscar winner Halle Berry has asked a judge to reduce her child support payments to model Gabriel Aubry.

According to TMZ, Berry has been dishing out $16,000 a month in child support. Berry hopes to have the child support lowered to $3,000.

In the court documents, the actress claims Aubry has stopped working and is happy living off the child support, which is an abuse of the system. Berry also states Aubry is an able body individual who is capable of finding a job. In addition, she believes if the child support is reduced their six-year-old daughter will be able to continue to live a comfortable life.

Berry and Aubrey began dating in 2005 and welcomed their only child together Nahla in 2008. The couple went their separate ways in 2010 and reached a custody agreement in 2012.

Berry is currently married to French actor Olivier Martinez and gave birth to their son Maceo last year.

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  • Jay

    I know people were going in on Halle Berry and calling her crazy, but the judge and that lazy ass Aubrey dude are crazy as hell. $16,000? What the hell does he need that much change for? It does not take $16,000 per month to raise a child. $16,00 per month tho’? I don’t think she’s gonna get the judge to lower it to $3000, but I think she might get him to lower it to 7 or 8. This man is lazy as hell. You can’t tell me he ain’t livin’ high off this money. He may be taking care of his daughter, but he’s also paying his rent, paying his utilities, buying his groceries, going out on the town, buying his toiletries,using an expensive gym membership, going on shopping sprees, renting redbox movies for days on end, etc. $16,000 is steep and I don’t believe I could do it. I couldn’t pay it and I couldn’t live off of money from my ex-significant other. I have to have some source of income coming in as a result of my labor. This is ridiculous… is she also paying spousal support, cause that would explain the amount a little…oh, they weren’t married. Ok. By the way, I also think that it would be ridiculous for a woman to be paid extravagant amounts of money in this situation too. Get a job!

    • Anthony

      At least the law is consistent. Male celebrities are handed heavy obligations pretty regularly.

    • so what who cares

      Halle then boyfriend now husband beat him to a pulp…his face is his money maker and now no longer, so….he needs the money to take care of their daughter

  • uclabc

    Child support is calculated according to the income of the paying parent, not how much it actually costs to care for a child. The idea is that the child should enjoy part of the parent’s bounty even if he or she is not living with that parent, but obviously this can be abused.

  • Bizlly Paul

    I am proud to see a father stand up for their rights.

    Please don’t turn into a deadbeat mom, Halle.