Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.38.08 PMFans were shocked to hear the BET’s hit series “The Game”  will be coming to an end. In a Q&A with ESSENCE.com, Mara Brock Akil dishes on why she’s ending the show, which series premiered on the CW in 2006 and then later picked up by BET.

The show will wrap taping on Dec. 5th for the final season. Akil told ESSENCE more than likely she will go through a series of emotions. “I’m probably going to cry and laugh a lot. But you get to do it with people you have a mutual love and respect for so no one’s asking why you’re crying. You’re just hugging it out together and dancing it out together,” she explained.

“The Game,” which celebrated the milestone of more than 100 episodes, will conclude in a way that leaves fans with an idea of how it could have continued.  “When you think about the characters you’ll think, ‘I could totally see him or her doing that now.’  Hopefully it will leave a smile or a guffaw laugh, or worry, in a good way, of what’s to come of the characters,” the Los Angles native said.

Akil, who graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, also shared some of her beloved moments on the TV series. “I’ll never forget the “7.7 million” episode that aired when we came back for our debut on BET. I’ll never forget the wedding episode of Melanie and Derwin as our sort of last episode on The CW. I’ll never forget the episode when Jason and Malik had their fight in Melanie and Derwin’s house, and it sort of bonded this group, and bonded our characters together. I’ll never forget the bible study episode; I’ll never forget when Tasha Mack sang to Rick Fox. I’m very proud of all our finales,” she said.

As for the “Girlfriends” movie, the screen writer would like for the series to hit the big screen, but with any project in Hollywood there are politics that has to be taken into consideration. If fans want to see a big screen adaption they should contact CBS Paramount, which own the rights to the show.



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