Have you ever found yourself in a “situationship”? Or been in that hazy gray area where you weren’t exactly sure where you stood with some dude? Have you ever had to ask a guy, “so what are we, exactly?” Only to be met with hemming and hawing and being called, ‘friend’. Or something even less?

It seems that some men want to do everything possible to avoid, labels and titles and having to call a woman their girlfriend and you know, be in an actual relationship. But funny, they want all the benefits. How do you nicely say, nah playa? I want it all. I want that girlfriend title.

Enter singer/songwriter Meghan Trainor with the song, Title. Trainor is a young and new artist bursting on the scene with this funny, funky and fresh song with a much needed message about dating in these modern day streets.

Check out these opening lyrics:

If you want my love, he gotta do what he does
If you want these sweet like sugar Gucci lips he gotta give it up
I know you think I’m cool, but I ain’t one of the boys
No, don’t be scared that I’m gon’ tie you down
I need a little more

Baby, don’t call me your friend
If I hear that word again
You might never get a chance to see me naked in your bed
And I know girls ain’t hard to find
But if you think you wanna try
Then consider this an invitation to kiss my ass goodbye

Give me that title, title
Come on give me that title, title
Better give me that title, title
Come on give me that title, title

The song is pretty fun and catchy and you can’t help but sing along by the time you get the chorus. So next time you have a dude who’s “faking like turkey bacon” on making it a official, just play this song and he’ll get the point.

Move over, Beyoncé and Single Ladies, this might have to become the new dating girl’s anthem.

Listen to the song below.

What do you think of the song?

Diana Veiga is a Spelman woman, a DC resident, and a freelance writer. Of course, she’s also on Twitter.

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  • Mahogany

    I actually like it. There are too many songs right now on the radio talking about h***, thots, b******… As women we need to have higher expectations. Ladies want gentlemen, thots seek dogs.

  • Anthony

    This has got me thinking, would bell hooks approve? Trainor is definitely declaring her agency by telling her guy she will dump him if her doesn’t openly acknowledge her, but would hooks be happy with a young woman seeming to be so concerned with gaining recognition from a man?

  • MyTwoCents

    If a woman has to ask/insist on label/title, does she really need to invest more time in the guy ? He obviously wants to play games and if she’s not having that, maybe its just time to wish him a good day and keep it moving.