Here’s a roundup of all the news you may have missed, but need to know.

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Queen Latifah has cancelled a scheduled interview with Bill Cosby, as the rape allegations against the comedian resurface. TMZ reports that because of Cosby’s history, Queen Latifah and her producers didn’t want the talk show to be associated with the comedian as he promotes his new comedy tour. Cosby never addresses the allegations, but he did settle a suit with the women. The rape allegations are nothing new, but the difference between 2006 Internet and 2014 Internet is social media and how quickly they can bring attention to an issue. While the allegations aren’t new, this is a new response to Mr. Cosby’s actions.

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  • Me

    i knew it from the original article about her taking that damn plea bargain that they’d be coming after her again in the near future. that settlement was loaded with traps and the money requirement was the biggest trap in the deal considering money struggles is how they managed to get her locked up in the first place. if it wasn’t the trust fund, it woulda been the classes. now do y’all black folks see why it’s never a cause for celebration when they “let us out” on a plea bargain? i wish she woulda just used that money to pay for better defense attorneys b/c now her kids gotta go right back to child protective services. the prison industrial complex at work, ladies & gentlemen. never ever accept a plea deal if you can hustle your way through court instead. the fight for the freedom of black america never ends.

  • Me

    tyler’s comment doesn’t seem to the same as raven’s but maybe young folks speak a different language from me. for some reason i understand where he’s coming from, but it sounds different from where raven was coming from. the intent was definitely there when oprah gave her multiple chances to clean it up & not come off as self-hating & she straight up sidestepped all those opportunities so she could ring the special negro bell.

  • 1989

    They just couldn’t stand that we raised that money for Shanesha to use as she sees fit, to provide her family with the things they need. They couldn’t stand us so publicly supporting one of our own so of course they have to try to screw her over and have these kids raised in foster care.

    • OSHH

      Did the court give her that money, so how they can they dictate how she spends it. It is real hard to not feel a way about this system and 2520’s chile, I have to ask Jesus to give me the grace.

  • ALM

    The Shanesha Taylor update is just sickening. Do we know if she actually ever received the money that was raised? If she did receive the money, did they actually give her a fair amount of time to set up the trust fund? She has been through so much. We all need to lift Shanesha up in prayer daily.

    It’s really messed up that the court was able to put stipulations on money raised in a separate, online venue. Shanesha’s first priority was securing a home. If she had trust fund money, she would not have been here in the first place.

    As for Timbaland, with all of those things his wife was asking for in the divorce, he must have realized that it’s MUCH cheaper to keep her.