Credit: WHO

Credit: WHO

Although, the number of new Ebola cases appear to be dropping in Liberia, the epidemic is far from over. World Health Organisation (WHO) is now reporting the number of reported Ebola cases has surpassed 13,703, a massive increase of more than 30% since the last numbers were released five days ago.

The Assistant Director-General of the WHO, Dr. Bruce Aylward, stated the big increase in Ebola cases is likely because of previous under-reporting. Currently there are 13,703 reported cases of Ebola, with 13,676 of those in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The current fatality rate in those countries has remained consistently around 70%, Aylward reported.

“We need to be careful here. This thing hasn’t dropped off the cliff like that. We’re seeing a reversal of that rapid rate of increase to the point that there seems to be a decline right now.”

Aylward said he would be “terrified” if his Wednesday statement was understood to mean Ebola was under control. “It’s like saying your pet tiger is under control,” he said. “This is a very, very dangerous disease … A couple of burials go wrong, it can start a whole new set of transmission chains and the disease starts trending upward again,” he told Reuters.

WHO is hoping if current trends continue, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone should be able to “comfortably” meet a target to scale up Ebola-containment measures by Dec. 1.

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