Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.49.03 PMYou recently ended a relationship (or situationship). You’re finally over the mourning stage and ready to get back in the dating game. It’s Friday night and you need a wingwoman. You know the friend you bring along to help you out with the fellas. More times than not, women do not usually know which individual in their clique will be a good wingwoman. On the other hand, some women just don’t know how to be a good wingwoman.

First, when you’re choosing your wingwoman she has to be a social butterfly. Why you ask? She will be the one helping you initiate the conversation, whether it is approaching the guy you think is cute or chatting up his friend. After you’ve chosen your wingwoman, now it is time to ensure she knows what is in store for the night. Here are some ground rules to establish for your wingwoman:

  1. Be willing to have casual conversation with strangers.
  2. Be willing to approach his friend just to make you feel comfortable.
  3. Know how to read basic body language.
  4. As one friend put it, ‘throw the alley hoop and walk away.’
  5. Have a code, whether it is a look or a secret word. Hell, even regroup in the ladies room so she knows if it’s time to exit the conversation.
  6. Be open to taking an “L,” so to speak. For example, if the friend is not attractive she(your wingwoman) should still entertain him for your sake.
  7. Don’t say anything that can embarrass you or scare off the cutie.

Ultimately, your wingwoman should be there to ease the awkwardness and you both should have a good time. Do keep in mind we live in a crazy world. Your wingwoman should never leave you alone with any guy, especially after several drinks.

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