Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.38.33 PMIf you are invested in the issues that are near and dear to your heart – then you must make the midterm elections count by visiting your local polling booth today.

Women and minorities have a greater chance of swaying votes and changing the order of things in our communities — but not enough of us are interested the midterm elections — which is surprising when you consider how vital the results are to the overall landscape of the presidency.

The hot button issues like health and economic disparity are likely to be tackled not just on the local level but nationally if enough of us demonstrate our need for change. The outcome of the election will force the Obama administration to pay more attention or revisit the structural system in place. It will also give the President the ammunition he needs to fight off naysayers based on the overwhelming support he receives from the voters.

Our voices make a difference and they can initiate a movement that will ultimately benefit those of us who demand and requite it. But it won’t happen if we neglect to perform our civic duty.

Historically most Americans don’t participate in the midterm elections – either because they don’t feel their votes will count or they don’t understand the process enough to care. The current state of affairs may change that this year especially with the tensions around the slow economic recovery and equal access to health benefits, which is still a major problem for Black women.

If you want things to start heading in the right direction – you have to get into the driver’s seat and make your local leaders pay attention. Women have the power and not enough of us use it. Lets change that – starting now!

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  • Eduardo

    Thinking long-term, it is perhaps better for Democrats to be the minority going into the 2016 elections because most of the country is not doing so well. Obama has dropped the ball on several issues: Wall Street regulation, corporate welfare, NSA surveillance (the ONLY reason that we had a semblance of a discussion was because of the Snowden leaks) and so on. He did some good things, but most of us see the country continuing to turn into a de facto plutocracy. For all the talk coming from the Right in 2008 about Obama being a socialist, the President has been great for capitalists. Consider: Wall Street smashed several records, unemployment is still relatively high and most jobs created aren’t that great (keeping wages stagnant), and wealthy companies (e.g. General Electric) and wealthy individuals (e.g. Mitt Romney) use every tax loophole to send (or keep) their money overseas and pay very little tax compared to their not-so-wealthy employees. It’s only a matter of time until someone starts referring to this era as The Second Gilded Age.

    If Republicans let their ideologues and hawks dictate policy for the next two years, then the 2016 election will be lost for them. Democrats will be able to play the outsider card (but if things get worse, Hillary will have no choice but to address inequality more directly, or else she will leave an opening for a truly progressive candidate). I only hope that the 2016 Republican primary is at least half as entertaining as the 2012 primary. Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum… that was comedy gold. If there’s a God out there, please let Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin win the Republican nomination in 2016.