Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.51.12 PMThe road to picture perfect skin can be a complicated quest, filled with constant breakouts, scarring, oily T-zones and skin envy towards those with blemish-free faces. After so long, these issues can eventually lead to the belief that a clear complexion can only be attained through the Photoshop airbrush tool. In short, the slaying of skincare dragons takes patience and is often the result of constant trial and error.  While problem skin can stem from a number of causes, there are some basic skin care tips that promote a natural, healthy glow. Aside from the usual suggestions of not picking at pimples, always remembering to wear sunscreen and moisturize regularly, what else is a breakout weary girl to do?

Check out these 5 skin care mistakes that might be standing between you and your ideal complexion:

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