Apparently the racial tension train isn’t pulling up at station any time soon. This time a famous barbecue joint was the venue of choice.

Fox Bro Barbecue in Atlanta is beloved for it’s mouth-watering offerings and up until now, it has garnered favorable reviews from patrons who can’t enough of all that finger-licking goodness. But that might change thanks to a scathing testimony from LA-based writer Steph Cha who recently visited the popular joint with her husband and his childhood friend. Cha details how in the middle of their scrumptious meal she overhears the waitress as she walks by their table uttering the words “CHING CHONG CHING CHONG”. That was blatant enough to catch both her and husband’s attention especially since she not so subtlety utilized the sing-along version of “Ding dong ding dong.”

I was having a pleasant enough dinner at Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q when whoops, racism rained on my head from behind. The way I remember it is this: I was enjoying a meal with my husband and one of his best friends from childhood, who we never see. I had just received my plate and had my teeth halfway through a chicken wing. The hostess walked behind our table and chanted, “CHING CHONG CHING CHONG.”

My husband and I both froze and just stared at each other. My back had been to the hostess, and for around fifteen seconds, we wondered, silently, if it could be innocent. She had chanted it like you might chant “Ding dong ding dong,” with that sing-song voice. Then she went outside, and when she came back in, she was leading a group of eight Asian-American diners.

Needless to say, Cha and her companions lost their appetite and Cha immediately took to Twitter and forced the restaurant to take action, which didn’t happen as swiftly as she would have liked. The manager initially believed his employee when she explained that she was merely trying to figure out the correct pronunciation of a guest’s name, which led to her repeating it several times.

Hmm…that’s a hard sell and it’s not surprising that Cha didn’t buy it. She did what writers who have been wronged typically do – she utilized Yelp and gave Fox Bro a less than complimentary review, which prompted management to fire the hostess even though they claim she was let go as soon as the incident occurred.

The DM of Fox Bro acknowledged the severity of the matter but it is still questionable why they refused to take immediate action, opting to wait until it became a viral sensation.

Another indication that the staff at Fox Bro needs a lesson in racial etiquette is demonstrated in a Twitter exchange between Cha and an employee, Mister J who obviously isn’t at all sympathetic or reasonable for that matter:

Not sure how all this ruckus will affect business but it can’t be encouraging to be known as a place where you can be mocked for being who you are while trying to enjoy a meal. Bon Appetite?

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