The rumor mill is swirling again now that we are fast approaching the Monday release of Beyonce’s box set, appropriately titled Beyoncé Platinum.

There is reason to believe that her next single “7/11” will be playing on the radio by next Tuesday, Nov. 25. Nothing has been confirmed yet but those who have sampled the tune admit that it sounds very similar to “Partition”.

If radio stations add “7/11” to their lineup that means that it will be available a day after the “Platinum” set hits stores. The proposed single is also one of two songs being unleashed by the “Drunk in Love” songstress – the other new offering is “Ring Off”.

You can also expect to partake in four remixes and selected live performances captured from her Mrs. Carter Show tour.

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  • Jay

    I thought her team already released a statement to try to cool this hype. They said she is releasing a platinum version of ‘BEYONCE’, and that it is essentially a deluxe version. It’s not her first, it won’t be her last. It’s not a secret and it’s not meant to be a surprise.
    I hate all the hype and all the click bait. Slowly losing respect for news outlets and the media as a whole, not talking about this site or this topic but just in general.
    It’s like the truth is their enemy.

    • I’ve felt that way for a while. Is it just me or has news become ‘celebrity news’? I’m sick of it.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    I just don’t get the hype surrounding this woman. I think her music is garbage… and her ego is out of control.

    • I think most mainstream music is garbage; which seems to be on trend.

  • Darkness901

    This is the reason for all the blizzards in the north! Beyoncé is releasing another single. Woooohoooo!! Time to take my kids out of school and wait outside best buy for the release. Gotta call in at work too.

    The hype is real!!! Get a life people. It’s sunny outside. Go play!

  • Love.tweet.joi

    Oh GOODIE. More mind controlled sex slave music. I wonder where she will be having sex on this album. Satanic a.s.s needs to do a gospel album. She need Jesus!

    • Yes, I’m That Leah

      She needs to go away.