Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 3.24.12 PMAccording to Page Six, Bill Cosby is even scummier than we could have ever imagined despite all the crazy allegations coming to light.

A source divulged disturbing details about the comedian’s treatment of his then 23-year-old daughter Erinn during her battle with drugs and alcohol.

The source alleges that Cosby, desperate to kill a forthcoming story about his sexual misconduct decided to offer up his daughter’s scandalous tale to the National Enquirer in an effort to escape being exposed.

Back in the summer of 1989, Cosby delivered the damning evidence to the tabloid by painting a dire picture of Erinn – strung out on drugs while dealing with alcohol abuse, as the family pleads for her recovery.

Erinn Cosby was embroiled in a debilitating case of substance abuse and even accused Mike Tyson of sexual assaulting her in his New Jersey home. In response, her father supposedly ordered them both to get treatment. She didn’t communicate with her family until her brother Ennis’ murder in 1997.

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  • Anthony

    I am not sympathetic to Cosby, but think this story may have jumped the shark. Apparently the man has a slimy approach to women and may be a rapist. The point has been made, now the media is picking the bones of his legacy.

    That said, if Tyson was messing with my daughter against her will, I would have gotten some sort of equalizer, and put the fear of God in him!

    • Child Please

      Part of me wonders if the tidbit about Tyson was to divert from Cosby’s own misdeeds; I’m not saying it isn’t true. It’s very possible it is. But if you’re willing to throw family under the bus, then you’d do that as well.

    • Anthony

      I see your point, this Cosby story is so crazy that anything is possible.

  • Mary Burrell

    I remember reading that from back in the day when Mike Tyson was accused of raping that pageant queen. It never we

    • Anthony

      Tyson was convicted and did time in prison for raping a beauty pageant contestant in Indiana.

    • Mary Burrell

      @Anthony: I remember that business about Cosby’s daughter saying she was attacked by Mike Tyson. That was never pursued and i wondered what happened because after all she was the daughter of the great Bill Cosby and i just knew Cosby would have Tyson’s head on a stick for attacking his daughter. I found it strange it was never mentioned again. The story just disappeared. That’s what i was trying to say.

    • Anthony

      I see your point now.

  • this article is a all time low and this is what we black people get when we only have what we think is a black blog but in reality it is a front and is own by liberal white racist who are hell bent on destroying any black person who won’t bow down to them and their ideology.

  • Guest

    Wait, am I the only one that read four back several times. It makes no sense. Erinn is 23 meaning she was born in 90-91. How could he have painted a picture of her substance abuse in 89′ if she was not born yet. Huh?!? Unless the article got her birthdate wrong this isn’t adding up. Does anyone fact check before publishing an article?