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Bill Cosby’s tarnished legacy was recently documented when his attempt at a meme generator went horribly awry. But one person who is unsympathetic to his plight is Barbara Bowman, the woman who stands by her stance that the once famed TV dad drugged and raped her multiple times. She is also wondering why it took a joke rendered by comedian Hannibal Buress to expose the ugly deeds of Cosby who has spent most of his career being exalted as an educator and curator of one the most lauded sitcoms in television history.

Buress who performed his routine in Philadelphia, which is ironically Cosby’s hometown, didn’t hold back in his disdain for the man who has allegedly sexually victimized more than a handful woman – and in some cases teenagers, which Bowman can attest to since she was a teen when she was taken advantage of. He called out Cosby for being a hypocrite and sexual predator and knocked him for his constant criticism of the Black community even though he has been accused of the unthinkable.

In the Washington Post, Bowman, opens up about her ordeal. She confirms that back in the 80’s she was forced to keep quiet, even though she was ready to testify against Cosby in court. For the past decade, she tried to find a platform that would allow her to share her story but she was never given the chance – until now. She claims his team that comprised of agents and assistants did a good job finessing the potholes and keeping the comedian’s reputation squeaky clean, despite the fact that they were privy to what was going on behind the scenes.

So far it looks like Cosby is finally atoning for his sins. Aside from the meme disaster, his appearance on the Queen Latifah Show was abruptly cancelled, and only time will tell if NBC and Netflix will honor their commitments and go forward with the projects they are working on with the now disgraced funnyman.

In the meantime Barbara Bowman continues her crusade against the man she who she believes brutally stole her innocence.


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