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The 1998 hit single The Boy Is Mine that featured Brandy and Monica will be undergoing a makeover according to producer and songwriter Rodney “Darkchild Jerkins”. Looks like he thinks it’s time for the current generation to experience the magic that occurred sixteen years ago. He is also planning to have the project help mark his 20th anniversary in the industry.

According to TIME. Jerkins has commissioned the talents of Ariana Grande and Jesse J for this ambitious collaboration. It is also worth noting that Ariana was just four years old when the original hit the airwaves.


It should be interesting to see how the new version holds up especially since as we all know Brandy and Monica killed it the first time around. But Jerkins is confident that his two choices will live up to all expectations.

Interestingly enough, he also announced that Sam Smith has been confirmed to do a remake of Whitney Houston’s It’s Not Right But It’s Okay. Apparently Smith made it clear that he was the only one qualified enough for the job.

Guess the finished products will speak for themselves.

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