Apollo is proving to be the douche bag that Kenya always insisted he was. Now that he is headed to prison to serve his eight-year sentence for fraudulent activity, it is clear that he has nothing to lose especially since estranged wife Phaedra has essentially bounced.

So, he decided to make amends by offering his sincere apologies to Kenya for making her look like a “lying ho” for the past two years. Basically the claims he made about seeing in LA, and about her offering a blowjob and whatever else he desired were all lies. His reasoning? He was having a hard time dealing with the donkey vs. stallion booty-workout DVDs fiasco. He also didn’t know how to gracefully handle Kenya calling him out on the reunion show when she exposed the texts he had sent her.

Needless to say, this doesn’t bode well for Phaedra who probably suspected her husband was lying but like most scorned women decided to heap all her anger and frustration on the female in the scenario – regardless of whether it is deserved or not. In all fairness, Kenya wasn’t completely innocent as she did find ways to infuriate the situation with her flirty persona.

Either way, Apollo is rapidly losing any support he may have garnered from his cast mate and viewers as this recent development proves his indecent behavior and penchant for lying. But did any of us really believe he never tried to get with Kenya? I am guessing not.

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