Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown, sat down with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday, and admitted that his “conscience is clean” when he faces the realization that he took a life.

Wilson has always maintained his innocence regarding the shooting of the unarmed teenager in August. He explains that he simply relied on the instincts he acquired while training to be a cop. Even though he regrets being responsible for the death of an individual – he still wouldn’t change anything he did that fateful day.

He also goes on to dispute the notion that he was aiming at Brown’s back and insists that the teenager was barreling towards him in a threatening manner.

The interview will be showcased on Good Morning America this Wednesday.

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  • Mary Burrell

    That’s why Wilson played up that “black brute stereotype” That gives these racist cops reasons to shoot a black man because they will all claim they fear for their lives. Many non black people perceive the black man as something to be feared. So that gives them the excuse to kill with impunity.

    • vintage3000

      Exactly, and they are too cowardly to come out and say ‘black brute’ in public so they use code words. And I am 100% certain that McCulloch ensured Wilson months ago that he would not be indicted. That is why he was able to get married to another ferguson cop, and now i hear they are expecting a little demon spawn. He knew he was not going to prison.

    • Anthony

      The said thing is that brute stereotype is used in situation where logic says it should not be plausible like when Zimmerman’s defense showed shirtless pictures of Trayvon Martin and stressed he was 5’11” 159 lbs! For the love of God, that little boy in Cleveland who was murdered was estimated to be twenty by the 911 caller (although the man did say he was maybe an adolescent, and that the gun might be fake.)