Credit: Tinder

Credit: Tinder

Match and eHarmony are probably kicking themselves for not realizing the obvious when they were initiating their own brand of matchmaking. Personality tests are great and all but at the end of the day the people have spoken – your level of attractiveness is key when it comes to reeling in your prospective lover.

Tinder, the dating app that has cast a spell on users who can’t enough of that “swipe” action has garnered an impressive 50 millions users, and what’s more research shows that people spend a good portion of their day swiping through their options – 90 minutes to be exact.

It is easy to become addicted to the idea that you can decide who you want to spend time with based on whether or not they fulfill your physical requirements. But that’s just it – we are ultimately drawn to what looks good on the outside before we even begin to tackle the internal traits.

This isn’t necessarily breaking news but the fact that it took a dating app that focuses mostly on the refined profiles of its participants to solidify this point is noteworthy – mostly because Tinder has surpassed its competitors in popularity by implementing a formula that doesn’t take a mad scientist to figure out.

If you give the people what they want, they will respond or in this case “swipe”. It’s all about presenting the best “you” in ways that will attract the guy or girl of your dreams. Tinder makes that very easy to accomplish by encouraging it’s users to carefully ponder their choice of attire, their posture and even how they align their smiles. Competition is fierce out there and in order to adequately stand out, you naturally have to look above average. That might sound slightly superficial but welcome to the real world.

If people are logging in almost 11 times a day to see if they can snag a worthy partner who looks the part, then, yeah, the way we look absolutely dictates the forecast for our love lives. But in the long run, one could argue that most of the disciples of Tinder are probably not looking for long-term relationships but rather someone they can have all sorts of fun with. But either way, it is reassuring to know that some things never change – only the very cute end up in the winner’s circle.

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