Halle Berry and her baby daddy are at it again. After challenging Gabriel Aubry over the compensation he was receiving from her a few weeks ago, she is now claiming that Aubry is making decisions about their daughter’s appearance based on his need for her to look more white.

Apparently Halle lost it when she discovered that daughter Nahla’s hair, which is naturally curly, had been straightened and highlighted in an effort to make her appear less African-American and more white.

Halle missed her court appearance on Monday, but her lawyer Steve Kolodny was there to defend his client. Aubry was also in attendance.

After a heated debate, the judge decided that both parents were not allowed to alter their daughter’s hair from its natural state.

So, the judge declared Halle the winner of this round!

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  • roo08

    I feel so bad for this child. I remember all people could look at was how good looking both her parents her but look at how messy they are.

    It really must have been devastating for Halle to realize she had a child with a man that would hurl racial slurs at her without any problem. What a mess.

    • Anthony

      I am not convinced that Aubrey used racial slurs towards Berry. Race popped up as an issue once they broke up. This is the rare case where I think a person of color may actually be “playing the race card.”

    • ALM247

      Exactly! Every time she gets mad at him, all of a sudden Gabriel is David Duke. Last time it was racial slurs, and this time it’s hair and euro-centric beauty issues.

  • Darkness901

    Oh Halle…Stop Whining!!! He has just as much right to change his daughter’s hairstyle as you.
    Its sad how people need a court to manage their own lives and children. How about trying to work together instead of fighting all the time. You don’t have to like the father or mother of your child, but dammit, you can work together to raise a productive child.

    • habinerenmei

      Using chemicals to straigten and dye her hair can damage her hair folicals.

    • Darkness901

      That’s nice…but it still doesn’t change the fact that he can change his daughter’s hair if he chooses. If Halle wanted to change her daughter’s hair blue it would be her right to do that as well.

    • I think that’s debatable. I don’t have children but don’t parents work together to make decisions about what’s best for the child? To include something as drastic as chemically processing a child’s hair?

    • jack_sprat2

      Never spent much time with divorced people, have you?

    • Anthony

      I wish I could post a link of Nahla. This child does not need harsh chemicals to get a straight look. There are lots of “pure” white girls who have hair texture nearly identical to her which should be no surprise since is probably at least 80% European genetically.

  • Brad

    Love Halle but, she got what she wanted, if she would have wanted a little brown bundle of joy she could have had a baby with a real life black man.

    Still, I agree there may be an argument for abuse if the the little ones hair was chemically processed at such a young age.

  • Coil del Rey

    I dislike the use of chemicals on a child’s head. With that said, I can’t help wondering if the Dad was simply at a loss as to how his daughter’s hair should be cared for in its natural state. I’m african-american and many of us need support to style our natural hair so that its healthy and has the style we like. I can imagine that Nahla’s dad didn’t have a clue.

  • Ejira Films

    Although Nahla is 3/4’s “White” she still appears to be very mixed race. It’s not healthy to chemically dye and/or straighten a child’s hair. Why would Gabe want to do that to his child’s hair? And even if Nahla asked for her hair to be straightened/dyed, as her dad he should have stated “no you’re beautiful the way you are”.

    • Anthony

      How do you know what he has told his daughter? As I said before, Nahla has long brown and slightly curly hair. She does not need anything like the perms or pressing that a girl with kinkier hair would need for straightening.

    • Ejira Films

      I’m not sure how you got that from what I wrote…. But here is my point again for clarification. It’s not healthy to chemically alter a child’s hair. (Kinky, straight, slightly curly, polka dot etc…leave a child’s hair in its natural state). Nahla is no older than 7. Her dad should not allow her to dye her hair…