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Ne-Yo’s music has been known to inspire a range of emotions but we are willing to bet he never anticipated that it would cause medical trauma.

Apparently his tunes are capable of bringing on seizures – this according to the Daily Mail. A woman named Fennessy claims that the Pitbull/Ne-Yo hit “Give Me Everything” reactivated the seizures she has been suffering from since 2006. But that is not the only tune that threatens her life – “Lets Go” and “Turn Around” are the other songs that give Fennessy cause for alarm.

Apparently music related seizures that are medically termed – musicogenic epilepsy – are not as uncommon as one might think. There have been other documented cases including a New Jersey woman, Stacey Gale, who back in 2008 blamed Sean Paul who happened to be her favorite singer for her epileptic attack. She underwent a successful procedure to correct the issue.

Fennessy who decided to undergo brain surgery back in June to eliminate her symptoms still suffers from the condition. The 26-year-old acknowledges that her ailment is somewhat comical but stresses how it ultimately impedes her existence. She literally has to beg DJs to refrain from playing anything related to Ne-Yo, which expectedly elicits a range of responses. While vacationing in Majorca, she recalls being holed up in her hotel room to escape what seemed like an all day Ne-Yo music fest. Despite doctors removing part of her brain to alleviate the mysterious condition, Fennessy is still unable to enjoy anything Ne-Yo has to offer.

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all…

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