The New York Times has been doing a really good job lately of discrediting its supposedly impeccable reputation. Not too long ago, they got into hot water for an article written about Shonda Rhimes mainly because it referred to the dreaded “angry Black woman” mantra but also because they inaccurately assumed that she was the creator of the now certified hit, How to Get Away with Murder, when in fact Rhimes is serving as producer.

They have managed another major blunder that pathetically proves that they are not as culturally sound as they would like readers to believe. This time it involves social media sensation Alex From Target, who has garnered quite a bit of attention for reasons that are still being explored. But the now famous teen whose snap shot image depicting him doing his job at the check out counter took teenagers on Twitter by storm has been flying around the country appearing on morning shows not to mention that he has amassed more than 600,000 followers. His slight resemblance to Justin Bieber is likely the reason for all the adulation – either way everyone is taking notice, including The Times.

An article about this latest obsession was penned by writer Leslie Kaufman who noted that ever since Alex From Target became a headliner, other “copycats” have been on the horizon, – including “Kieran from T-Mobile and “Kel from Good Burger”.

That might be true except, Kel as most people who survived the 90’s are well aware of was a fictional character that gained popularity through Nickelodeon shows like All That and Keenan & Kel. There was a 1997 film called “Good Burger” and yes, the character Kel played a big part in it but of course Kel Mitchell was the actor playing a role, he didn’t actually work at “Good Burger”.

Once the blunder was discovered and exposed, the New York Times hurriedly issued a correction but not before Eric Markowitz sent out a tweet mocking the Times for once again failing to utilize the free services of Google – “Is there a Tumblr for absurd NYT corrections’? A great question that will undoubtedly remain unanswered.



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  • ALM247

    What a minute here….So not only did they not know about “Good Burger”, but they also did not realize that Kel is like 35 or 36 years old today?

    What Black male wears a braided bob in 2014? Really, “New York Times”?

    “Good Burger” was on a major family network watched by people of all races. I doubt their staff has very many people who weren’t born when the show aired. There was also a “Good Burger” movie and a “Good Burger” soundtrack with the single, “Watch Me Do My Thang”.

    The folks at “The New York Times” are gainfully employed, while talented people sit in the unemployment line or worse. Welcome to America.