Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

Boko Haram, the Islamist militants who still have not returned the missing girls they abducted have struck again. This time the target was a boarding school for boys – Government Science College in Potiskum, Nigeria. About 48 students were killed and 79 injured when a suicide bomber entered the premises and detonated the bomb.

Boko Haram has been known to strike schools mostly in an attempt to reinforce the principles of Sharia Law, which is against education or Western influences in general. Despite the fact they have yet to claim responsibility for the attack, it is widely believed that they are behind it.

The bomb went off just when the students were lining up for their morning assembly around 7:30 am on Monday morning. A witness described the aftermath as chaotic and bloody and one of the attendants at the morgue confirmed that the victims’ ages ranged from 11 to 20.

This latest brutality is another reminder of the state government’s inefficiency and inability to capture Boko Haram and bring them to justice. President Goodluck Jonathan is currently planning to seek a second term despite his lack of leadership and stark helplessness when it comes to putting an end to the terror gripping the nation.

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