Award-winning journalist, and host of much-lauded documentary series, Black in America will be ushering in a new installment that will feature a timely issue that has systematically kept most of the nation under siege.

Her latest offering – Black in America: Black & Blue will explore the criminalized tactics utilized by the police and how these actions have affected the lives of men who have endured countless humiliating sessions.

Set to air Tuesday, November 18 at 9 pm ET on CNN, viewers will be privy to what has now become a deadly epidemic involving mostly African-American and Latino men who are subject to unnecessary harassment by officers who claim to be doing their job even though research shows that at least 80 percent of the routine stops being made involve men of color. And about 88 percent of those stops didn’t result in any arrest.

Black and Blue will be an ambitious one-hour testimony that will use power video footage clearly showcasing some of the instances when police force and brutality was unreasonably enforced. There will also be in depth interviews with NYPD officers who readily admit that part of the incentive for the “stop and frisk” is to successfully fulfill their quotas more than maintaining law and order. As one officer dutifully admitted – “Everything is numbers based…Summonses must be written; the arrests must be made…”

Needless to say, Black and Blue won’t be shedding light on anything new, but rather expanding the territory to include first-person accounts and statistics that will most likely confirm the shady practices implemented by the police force. A practice that is currently under attack and stealing lives daily.

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