Virginia pastor David-Jamel Williams recently partnered with HBCU Virginia Union to host a dating seminar inspired by his past experiences, but his efforts to enlighten others on the dos and don’ts of relationships have drawn major criticism because of the event’s title—“I Used to Be a Hoe So You Know I Know.”

According to Richmond’s local news affiliate WAFF, after flyers were distributed to advertise the event, some of the university’s students took issue with the name. As a result, Williams said that Virginia Union no longer wants to be associated with the seminar. As far as the title, Williams explained why he chose to take the candid route:

“I used to be a hoe. If I can spare someone else that kind of heartache, that kind of personal engagement then that would be a blessing,” Williams said.

This isn’t the first time a pastor has incorporated the term “ho” or referenced the act of whoring in a sermon or while delivering a religious-based message. In June, Pastor Jamal Bryant delivered a misoygynistic sermon in which he referenced the infamous Chris Brown lyric, “These hoes ain’t loyal.”

According to WAFF, Virginia Union has not yet commented on the incident.

Clutchettes, what do you think? Is the pastor’s seminar title offensive?

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