Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.22.52 AMSo it’s official – Black people are superhuman – they possess inconceivable abilities that give them super-duper powers beyond reason. Sounds crazy? Not according to a documented thesis that was recently published by Social Psychological and Personality Science. Based on the results of the research that was conducted, whites have a weird tendency to think that Blacks are capable of performing outside the realm of human capabilities. Black people are also apparently composed of “superhuman skin that is thick enough to withstand the pain of burning hot coals”. And it doesn’t end there. There is also a supernatural element that gives Blacks the strength to function like super heroes – so if God Forbid someone is stuck under a tank, a Black person is more likely to be able to lift the bugger up and save the day. Whites also assigned Blacks the ability to “read a person’s mind by touching the person’s head”.


The present research provides the first systematic empirical investigation into superhumanization, the attribution of supernatural, extrasensory, and magical mental and physical qualities to humans. Five studies test and support the hypothesis that White Americans superhumanize Black people relative to White people. Studies 1–2b demonstrate this phenomenon at an implicit level, showing that Whites preferentially associate Blacks versus Whites with superhuman versus human words on an implicit association test and on a categorization task. Studies 3–4 demonstrate this phenomenon at an explicit level, showing that Whites preferentially attribute superhuman capacities to Blacks versus Whites, and Study 4 specifically shows that superhumanization of Blacks predicts denial of pain to Black versus White targets. Together, these studies demonstrate a novel and potentially detrimental process through which Whites perceive Blacks.

As disturbingly comical as these findings are, it is not all together surprising when you consider the stereotypes that have plagued Black men in particular when it comes to their physical attributes. The periods of slavery also helped to propel the notion that Black people could be subjected to inhuman treatment and bear it without breaking a sweat. That damaging sentiment is also responsible for the present climate that is rife with racial tensions due to the crippling number of young Black men being unfairly brutalized by a system that was designed to protect to them.

The researchers also pointed out that the “superhuman assignment” has also been applicable to Asians, who have always been deemed as superiority intelligent compared to other races.

Either way, the idea that words like “mystical”, “magic” and “wizard” were associated with Blacks, is impressive yet frightfully damaging at the same time. It proves that the gap between Blacks and whites is consistently widening at a rapid pace.

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