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Words like ‘OMG’, ‘YOLO,’ and ‘twerk’ all met a similar fate and now Feminist may join them. TIME magazine is asking readers to once again choose from their compiled list of words that deserve to be banned in 2015. “Bae”, “I can’t even”, “literally”, “basic”, “sorry not sorry”, and “turnt” are among the contenders. But surprisingly “feminist” made the list which forces us to re-examine the relevancy of a word that has been used to champion the agenda of pioneering women ever since our voices were somewhat validated.

TIME acknowledges the fact that the word has suffered from excessive usage, making it difficult to defend its valor. Ever since “feminist” became a celebrity favorite, it has declined in value, which evidently qualifies it for temporary distinction in the coming year.

But we can’t help going back in time, when the Women Suffrage movement was in motion. It was their tireless efforts that propelled the ideals of what being a “feminist” really entails.

No matter how it’s been misused, we certainly don’t to see it become a castaway – if we can help it.

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