In the spirit of good cheer – it’s only fitting to recognize those stories that make you all warm and fuzzy inside.

Madison Reid is drawing some attention because of her immense love for book. While attending the grand opening of the Little Free Library in Cleveland, the adorable 3rd grader took advantage of the spotlight to express why the world needs books!

With avid enthusiasm, Madison gave cute passionate speech to back her up her sentiment, “The world needs books! What would the world be like without books? They fuel our mind like cars and gas! The cars can’t go without gas, our brains can’t go without book. The world needs books. We need books”.

In a world where the concept of actually holding a book and reading it to the end seems outdated – it is refreshing to see a youngster excitedly proclaim her love for something that has seemingly become a lot art.

Madison goes on to proclaim that “It would break my heart if one book was lost, just a pager, just a word, just a letter, was gone, I would be heartbroken! What would the world do without books! It would be empty! Like a bucket of water. Like a brain without knowledge. Like a file cabinet without paper!”

It looks like Madison is headed down the same path as Toni Morrison or even Maya Angelou! We could be witnessing the birth of a literary genius.

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