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(Image Credit: Alpha Kappa Alpha/Delta Sigma Theta )

Now that most of the nation is in uproar over the injustice surrounding the non-indictments of the officers responsible for the unwarranted demise of two Black men – Michael Brown and Eric Garner – rules and regulations are being implemented by organizations to their representatives in order to protect issues of liability.

But some members of two of the oldest Black sororities in the country, Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta are disappointed and frustrated with the directives they received from their superiors, ordering them to refrain from donning their Greek letters while marching.

An email was sent out this past weekend asking members from across the country to not wear their organization’s logo while protesting – they are however allowed to wear their sorority’s colors.


“Feel free to wear our sorority colors, but REFRAIN from wearing Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. letters and/or symbols as our policy outlines.”


You may wear our sorority colors, but please refrain from wearing any Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. paraphernalia.

Some members understand the policy in place and the need for their organization to take extra measures to avoid a potential legal issue. Things can get quite rowdy in pressure situations so it might make sense implement precautionary measures.

But others are not happy with the new policy and are violating it by marching in full letters. The reason for their defiance was explained by a member who feels that banning letters while marching for a valid cause is “wrong” and finds the order to do so borderline cowardly.

The members who are not on board also argue that their groups were instituted based on the principles of Martin Luther King, Jr. who was an Alpha while his wife Coretta Scott King was an honorary member of AKA.

No resolution has been reached yet but it is clear that the email containing the order is falling on mostly deaf ears.

(Image Credit: Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta Websites)

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  • EbonyLolita

    Sigh…. take a stand or stand aside!!

    • Brad

      I think it is more about protecting the Brand than not taking a stand. On many campuses the black greek letter organizations are the ones organizing the protest and the marches.

    • D1Mind

      I thought the “brand” was about taking a stand and providing leadership?

      If the leadership is saying this then they are saying that the organization itself is not supporting the protests, regardless what members do as individuals.

    • Brad

      Not Greek myself but, I will pass this on from someone who is Greek.

      In the civil rights movement, we marched as a collective black people. We didn’t need to wear our letters or color because our skin tone was the color that mattered. It was well known that the Civil Right leaders were involved in Greek organizations but I have never seen any picture where a leader threw up a sign while marching. Can you imagine the I Have a Dream speech if he ended it by saying A-phi or shouted Ohhhhhhhhh-Six.

      When our forefathers/foremothers marched/protested, they wore suits and dresses. Not sure why the letters are such a big deal. The memo didn’t state not to protest.

      Are we protesting for change or are we protesting to be seen/get credit?

    • Me

      i can see it from both sides. yea, we don’t wanna let individual orgs use the protests like some sorta ad space b/c it should be a united front, but at the same time, black folks don’t have the luxury of believing that just cuz we share the same skin color that means you’re down for the cause. that’s part of the reason we been calling out obama all this time b/c he doesn’t seem to truly be for us. maybe they shoulda attached an official response from the sorority about the situation along with the ban on wearing paraphernalia b/c w/o it, it just looks like they saying not to get the orgs involved. like individuals can get involved if they want to but the org is staying out of it altogether. idk if that’s the case but that’s what it seems like.

    • Brad

      Well, I would be suprised given the history of Black Greek letter organizations if people didn’t think they are in full support of black people and black issues.

      But, apparently you are right because it has caused some what of a stir.

      As far as Obama is concerned I do believe he is for black folks but, with too much of a subtle approach for what we are use to or want.