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Tuesday night on Twitter was ablaze with everything from images of protesters in NYC to the trending hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite.

Despite the crowded timelines, there was apparently room for a major Twitter war – and the opponents were none other than Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea #IglooAustralia.

Banks has joined the ranks of Black entertainers who are calling out their white counterparts for benefitting from the profits they have amassed from systematically ripping off from a culture that is constantly embedded in racial strife. But yet, when all hell breaks loose, they are nowhere to be found. They keep silent and hang in the background instead of lending their support.

There is truth in that sentiment and Iggy Azalea is by far not the only who should be tossed into the ring however, she seems to be the preferred target these days. From bloggers to random critics, Azalea who has acquired the new moniker “Igloo Australia” from her opponent, has been consistently ridiculed and chided for assuming “Black woman characteristics” in order to secure her place as the newly minted “Princess of Hip-Hop.”

Her rival Azealia Banks is understandably upset and decided to make it known through her blatantly searing tweets.

Iggy did respond and decided to stay on higher ground by pleading with her critics to channel their energy in more productive ways.

Also, Clutch writer Britni Danielle tweeted to Iggy:

Both women have valid points and it’s such a shame that no agreement was reached but at least it’s the beginning of the conversation and exposes another part of race relations in the industry that obviously needs to be duly addressed.

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  • Kitten

    Unaware African Americans

  • Dessoftruth

    You sound like a “color-blind” White idiot. First off, Iggy can leave the Black music industry image tomorrow and be a regular privileged White girl who could give two shits about the people whose culture she’s taking. And anyway, having a pink wig doesn’t mean you are appropriating Whiteness. White culture is not a trend and White people don’t have pink hair.

  • mmmdot

    I sincerely laughed SO HARD at all the ish that Azalea Banks was saying about Igloo. I may not agree with everything she says, but everything she had to say about the cultural appropriation of Igloo, T.I.’s cooning azz, and Perez Hilton’s racist white male gay self was RIGHT on point.

  • disqus_6sinns1216

    black celebrities barely give a shit. The black celebrity elite, B&J have represented NO acknowledgement of EG verdict. Oh J bought some t-shirts for OTHERS to where while he cared too much about smiling for the princess to rep us for once. Screw all these celebrities. Where is Rihanna acknowledgement of the verdict? Oh. Kim K has done more to acknowledge racism then Beyonce and Rihanna and Iggy ever has. That’s so sad.