Image Credit: Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter

Azealia Banks is back at it again. Not too long ago she went after “Igloo Australia” (Iggy Azalea) and accused the proposed  “Princess of Hip-Hop” of stealing from a culture that she has no affinity for in order to propel her dreams of stardom. She also chided Azalea for remaining silent in the wake of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner tragedy.

Now she is going after vegans! This past Sunday, the rapper let loose in a series of tweets that depict how much she loathes the idea of veganism. She admits dabbling into it briefly back in 2010 but that experience convinced her never to return to the lifestyle. It also made her wonder why anyone would willingly “wear paper shoes” and “rub lemons on their armpits”. She also tackled the dietary requirements by wondering what “a new part-time vegetarian is to do in a land of spanish restaurants and chicken spots.”

Seem like a valid question and she did get a few responders who were eager to enlighten and defend their cause. But in the end – it’s safe to say that Banks will not be switching over anytime soon.

(Image Credits: Twitter)

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