Beyoncé has teamed up with NCLA for an exclusive nail wrap collection. ‘NCLA for Beyoncé Nail Wrap Collection‘ also includes Beyoncé’s long-time manicurist Lisa Logan. The NCLA x Beyoncé nail wraps are $18 each and draw inspiration from Bey’s life.

“You have to be prepared for the unexpected” — Lisa Logan on Beyoncé x NCLA Nail Wrap Collection




NCLA for Beyoncé Nail Wrap Collection, $18; For information: shop.beyonce.com Check out the wraps on the next page!

Image Credits: Beyoncé, Vogue

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  • Anonin

    Dey boring.

    They should have collabed with Rihanna she’s always wearing press ons.

  • Too bad her and her man aren’t aloud to speak up for their people.

  • Love.tweet.joi

    I like the plaid, I guess, if I had to pick one.