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Bill Cosby continues to have a very bad year as he battles mounting allegations from countless women, which his lawyers have vehemently dismissed.

Looks like, the embattled comedian should probably consider speaking up for himself, since his lawyers apparently aren’t doing a good job defending his honor.

Tamara Green who alleges that Cosby raped her back in the 70’s is filing a defamation lawsuit against Cosby accusing him of “publicly branding” her a liar to support his lawyer who called her claims “absolutely false.”

Green maintains that Cosby drugged and raped her when she was pursuing a career as a model. She first shared her story in 2005, and claims that when she attempted to expose her ordeal through media outlets – she was publicly harassed by Cosby’s lawyer, Walter M. Phillips and publicist, David Brokaw.

Both men have not responded to the lawsuit – and Cosby is the only documented defendant.

This is just another nail in the coffin for the comedian who has suffered major setbacks in light of the serious allegations that continue to be levied on him.

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  • IslandBeneathTheSea

    …and once again the clutch commenters victim blame and shame women in favor of defending “black people”…how about that some of the victims are also BLACK? everything is not about race! why in the holy hell would 20 and counting women make up the same lie over and over again, for what purpose? and HELL NO they do not deserve to be sued for defamation for telling their stories. bill can either speak for himself or let the women and the media do it for him. he’s had 30+ years to clear his name

  • Mary Burrell

    Why don’t his children speak up for their father? Other than Raven Symone none of the other cast members have come to his defense to say yay or nay. I think that’s strange.

  • Mary Burrell

    I feel sorry for his wife having to endure this.