Bill Cosby is rapidly losing all the facets of his legacy due to the disturbing allegations of sexual assault that have been levied on him for the past few weeks.

His reluctance to speak out in his defense has left the general public struggling to make sense of all the chaos.

It has also given illustrious organizations like Spelman College no choice but to cut ties with the embattled comedian. It was recently announced that the institution that housed the William and Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby Endowed Professorship will no longer allow the program to continue.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the endowed professorship that was founded in 1987 after the famed couple donated $20 million to the school has been suspended indefinitely. The purpose of the endowment was “to bring positive attention and accomplished visiting scholars to Spelman College in order to enhance our intellectual, cultural, and creative life.”

Audrey Arthur, a spokeswoman for Spelman, explained via email why the school settled on their decision to distance themselves from Cosby, “The current context prevents us from continuing to meet these objectives fully. Consequently, we will suspend the program until such time that the original goals can again be met.”

Spelman follows in the footsteps of Temple University and University of Massachusetts Amherst, in protecting their reputation by washing their hands of their once respected and esteemed educator and donor.

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  • Brad

    Sad but, it was the right move by Spelman. I am sure that the faculty position that
    the money funded is being funded by another source.

    I saw this comment the other day written by a young Spelman student.

    “I came to the realization that Spelman is not the institution for me. They don’t allow derogatory music towards women to play at there events but they back Bill Cosby raping self hate ass. I can’t deal with the hypocrisy.”

    They have to protect the brand, Spelman should be a safe place.

    • kj1986nyc

      How is Bill Cosby self hating when he funded millions to send black kids to college

    • Brad

      I agree, just the comments of a idealistic young student is all.

  • IslandBeneathTheSea

    Good move for Spelman…

  • And y’all keep asking why black Celebrities don’t do more for the black community could it be that they fear and know that it don’t take much for y’all to take their money only to throw them under the bus on others people words without any evidence at all non what so ever!!!!!