The wife of embattled comedian, Bill Cosby has finally decided to break her silence and shed some light on a situation that is undoubtedly causing her many sleepless nights.

Camille Cosby issued a statement that basically condemned the media coverage of her husband’s scandalous past that includes serious allegation of drug rape by more than twenty women. Most recently, supermodel Beverly Johnson gave an expose to Vanity Fair, where she detailed being drugged and physically assaulted by Cosby in his home. Johnson also visited The View where she was verbally tackled by Whoopi Goldberg, who has not so subtlety hinted her support for the man she still considers a mentor. But despite the pressure, Johnson eloquently expressed her reasons for sharing her story and gave her solidarity to other victims who have endured similar experiences.

But despite the mounting stories of rape, Cosby’s wife of 50 years refuses to believe that the man she fell in love with in 1963 can be capable of such despicable behavior. Camille also compared the media attention her husband is receiving to the way the rape case concerning the University of Virginia was covered.

Rolling Stone’s coverage of that case evolved into a controversial mess and Mrs. Cosby was quick to point out how that also impacts her current nightmare, “We all follow the story of the article in the ‘Rolling Stone’ concerning allegations of rape at the University of Virginia. The story was heart-breaking, but ultimately appears to be proved untrue. Many in the media were quick to link that story to stories about my husband – until that story unwound.” “None of us ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim. But the question should be asked – who is the victim?”

She went on to attack the media further by rejecting the methods of reporting that seem to be based on the need to feed the public the stories before they are investigated for accuracy. “There appears to be no vetting of my husband’s accusers before stories are published or aired. An accusation is published, and immediately it goes viral.

Camille Cosby’s full statement can be read here:


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  • B Cooper

    Oh crap! Kathie Lee Gifford statement!

  • IslandBeneathTheSea

    i think it’s very interesting that some commenters want evidence and proof of guilt and a trial before they will believe that Bill is a serial rapist. how many states and cities have THOUSANDS of rape kits just sitting untested? why is it so hard to believe that women have been and are still not taken seriously when they report rape or sexual assault or are intimidated to keep quiet…and the sheer trauma alone is enough to make some stay quiet.

    • Me

      “some commenters want evidence and proof of guilt and a trial before they will believe that Bill is a serial rapist”

      does that mean if you’re ever accused of a crime you’re going to let the media decide if you’re guilty & forfeit your rights to due process? or is bill cosby the only american that the laws & constitution don’t apply to?

    • IslandBeneathTheSea

      Well actually no. I think we use common sense to form an opinion. The same way most Black people think Zimmerman is guilty.

    • Me

      there was loads of EVIDENCE in the zimmerman trial for people to actually judge. not just an accusation.

    • IslandBeneathTheSea

      before there was even a trial or much evidence we thought he was guilty of murder and not self-defense. Same with Darren Wilson and there will be no trial (and in this case a lot of what could have been evidence was either not collected or ignored). Seems pretty similar to me. Common sense often prevails over “evidence”…if 20+ people have first hand accounts of being drugged and/or assaulted by ONE man that’s either one hell of a lie or simply put, the truth.

    • Me

      a dead body is EVIDENCE of someone being killed. police records showing that a dead person was unarmed when they were shot is EVIDENCE. 911 tapes from neighbors & eye witness statements made to the police are all EVIDENCE. and all of that was made public for people to base their opinions on before the trial & before the grand jury. trayvon’s parents didn’t just accuse zimmerman of killing their kid. they went to the media b/c the police dept refused to even investigate DESPITE all the evidence. folks in ferguson didn’t just accuse wilson of killing mike brown. people who witnessed the scene & the 4.5 hrs of inactivity from the police while his dead body cooked in the sun on the street went to the media & posted their youtube videos of any sounds & visuals they had to BACK UP what they saw. accusations are not evidence. & having 20+ people make the same accusation with no evidence among them doesn’t make anybody more or less guilty.

    • MCWAY

      The police investigated but found that there was not enough to charge Zimmerman with murder or manslaughter. His story checked out, as he reported it.

      And after all the circus around the trial, and despite all the hulabaloo from Sharpton, Jackson, et. al., the jury found Zimmerman not guilty or murder or manslaughter…..just as the police called it.

      Heck, nearly every legal expert who opined on this case said the prosecution had no chance of a conviction for murder. Manslaughter was their best shot, and a long one at that.

      Add to it the star witness, who completely botched up the prosecution’s case, only to later imply that Martin beat up Zimmerman because Zimmerman might be gay and trying to rape him; and you have the utter debacle that this case was for the prosecution.

    • Anthony

      I guess you think the OJ jury did a great job in acquitting The Juice too. I remember that just Wednesday, a judge in South Carolina just vacated the jury trial death sentence that made 14 year old George Stinney the youngest person ever executed in modern America.

      The bottom line is that the state of Florida did a half assed prosecution of a case they would not mind losing, and a jury was picked that was predisposed to acquit Zimmerman, pretty much the same way the late Johnny Cochran was able to find a jury that would be supportive of his spin on the evidence.

    • ALM247

      Woah, woah…..hold on here. Please do not compare this situation to Trayvon Martin’s death. There was zero doubt that Zimmerman killed Trayvon. The only issue that was tried in court was whether Zimmerman was justifiable in using the “Stand Your Ground” law. There was evidence of the murder, and Rachel Jeantel heard the murder over the phone.

      You are comparing a crate of apples to a basket of oranges.

      I have no idea what happened with Bill Cosby, but we have witness testimony, forensic evidence, etc. in the murder of Trayvon Martin.

    • IslandBeneathTheSea

      I will compare the two because in my view as Black ppl we are quick to exonerate one of our own in the face of mountains of doubt just based on feelings or because they’re Black. That’s wrong, full-stop. Why is Rachel Jeantel more credible than Beverly Johnson or the many other victims? The best evidence is always a witness…and well, they would all be first hand witnesses!
      And what I am ultimately comparing is not the crime or the perpetrators but the Black community’s response and in-fighting over these issues. Why do Black women yell over each other to victim blame instead of listening? Why do we call each other THOTS or hoes in light of accusations of rape instead of thinking critically?

    • Me

      rachel jeantel wasn’t the one killed. her coming forward with what she heard while someone else was being killed is different from beverly claiming something happened to her while no one else was around. an accuser is not a witness. otherwise everybody that ever accuses anybody would have no burden of proving their case & the justice system would turn into a mccarthy style persecution system.

      you don’t seem to understand that blindly accepting every woman’s claim of rape is not the same thing as standing up for women b/c the moment any accuser’s story gets debunked, every woman’s accusation gets questioned which ruins the system for real victims just like the chick that white folks love bringing up who accused the duke lacrosse team but turned out to be lying. it does us no good as women to blindly believe all women just like it does us no good as black folks to blindly believe all black folks. nobody knows what went down b/t these women & cosby. & in the eyes of the law he’s innocent until proven guilty.

      the burden is on these women to prove he committed a crime, not the other way around. the same thing applies to trigger happy cops/neighborhood watchmen.

      & btw. nobody is victim blaming. nobody has once said any of these women deserved to be raped or provoked rape or anything close to blaming them for whatever went down. asking for evidence is not the same as victim blaming nor is it the same as exonerating cosby. it’s fact checking.

    • GeekMommaRants

      We must remember that slandering a black man is a hobby for pinks. So many black men have been murdered for doing nothing, absolutely nothing. This is a matter of hatred.


      Black men have been murdered, falsely convicted because some white woman lied that a black man raped her.

      It just seems impossible for Cosby to assault women in the 60s. The very idea of a white woman being raped by a black man and said black man was never imprisoned (justice, huh??)

      When one is done wrong, justice is required to leave victimhood, unless another goal is in play. $$$$

      Beverly Johnson’s statement now just have me confused. I have a great deal of respect for Cosby and Johnson.

    • MCWAY

      Then why is Zimmerman a free man? Answer: He didn’t murder Martin. He defended himself against a guy who attacked him, slamming his head into the ground and breaking his nose.
      Furthermore, Zimmerman’s defense didn’t use the “Stand Your Ground” law in that case.
      As for Rachel Jeantel, she got popped for lying under oath and could have been charged with perjury. I said to myself nearly two years ago that, if she’s the ‘star witness’, Zimmerman’s walking. And I was right!