Image Credit:  CNN

Image Credit: CNN

Charles Barkley has never hidden his disdain for the population of blacks that he feels give people in his pedigree a bad name. He has vocalized on many occasions his frustration with the black community when it comes to lack of education, motivation or loyalty to stagnation. Based on his observations, blacks who are at a disadvantage have nobody to blame but themselves. Clearly they are not hardworking, smart or ambitious enough to garner an acceptable level of success.

His sentiments have been transferred over to the ongoing crisis in Ferguson, but this time his comments are glaringly uneven.

When speaking with CNN on Tuesday, Barkley refused to retract or tame his strong opinions about protestors who have been holding court ever since the grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown.

Barkley insisted that the people who are standing their ground and demonstrating their dismay at the level of violence being doled out by law enforcement are “scumbags”. He is in full support of the police and thinks it’s “ridiculous” that anyone would accuse them of “just killing black people”.

Barkley seems to be reading from the same cue cards Rudy Giuliani uses for his arguments. He expressed his loyalty to law enforcement to CNN, ‘The cops are awesome”. They’re the only thing in the ghetto between this place being the Wild Wild West.

He goes on to highlight the fact that racial strife has always been an issue but is never tackled until “something bad happens”. That might be the only sensible statement Barkley uttered during the interview.

But then he detours into an infectious rant that aims to decimate the valiant work of freedom fighters both at home and abroad  — “There are some black people out there who are cooks, and when the police come to your neighborhood, it’s a tense situation”. “There’s a reason they racially profile us at times. Sometimes it’s wrong, sometimes it’s right. To act like we have no responsibility for some of this stuff is disingenuous”.

Regardless of whether they are perpetrators who are engaged in unlawful conduct, the fact remains that blacks are not the only ones who tend to be disobedient, but yet the black community is always targeted and African-American males are being slaughtered with no consequences. Barkley’s comments seem to amplify the reasons why police officers callously patrol areas with a heavy concentration of blacks – all in an effort to mercilessly punish supposed criminals who are not even given a chance to defend themselves. They are branded as guilty based on the color of their skin and where they live. Perhaps if Barkley had a run in that hit too close to home, maybe he would be willing to be more open-minded and less judgmental.

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  • Anonin

    A day later my comment still in pending…

  • Robin

    Charge Barkley to the game….he’s done. And will continue to discredit Black people until those who are writing his checks stop writing them and end up turning on him. He’ll be asking about the Black community to support him when ish hits the fan. There’s a cause and effect to everything. You can not say well the looters are scumbags and not give a reason why there’s rage behind what has happened. This Alabama raised bunkin only knows a few things that if it ain’t white…..well, you know the rest.

  • paintgurl40

    He’s just like Uncle Ruckus! He’s the real scumbag. How in the hell It’s Garner’s fault he was killed and the man didn’t do nothing? King of the Assholes!

  • Mary Burrell

    I think Charles Barkley is a scumbag.

  • mmmdot

    Barkley is an uneducated, uninformed buffoon that was elevated because of his self hatred and antiquated conservative views. Anti-intellectual coonery as usual. The white power structure has always SELECTIVELY placed “respectable negroes” like Charles Barkley, Bill Cosby, Steve Harvey, Don Lemon, and Steven A Smith into visible positions of influence. Then they give them pseudo status as “the voice of reason” in the Black community, while down playing real intelligent individuals like Jessie Williams and others who DO THEIR RESEARCH and address solutions. This is what the white media holds up as a “successful black person.” You only become “successful” to them when you disavow your own, lie about poverty stricken black people, and issue blanket exoneration of white privilege and systemic racism. Barkley criticizes black people to make himself seem even more successful by suggesting he is one of the “good” black guys. There is a REASON that there is a consistent trend amongst a significant number of famous black folks which involves disavowing racism in order to score points with white people. Nothing but black face on a neo-conservative white agenda.

    The individual successes of Black actors/elites have no impact whatsoever on Black people collectively. Seeing a Black face doesn’t necessarily mean something for RACIAL PROGRESS, as much as for the progress of that particular entertainer. Simply seeing a black face nothing to address the structural and systemic issues (the actual racism) that been grinding our community into dust since very beginning. Unless a Black artist is socially conscious on some level and/or has something substantial to contribute, I really
    have to try hard to separate their individual success from the social conditions that most black people have to live under and whether they’re helping to make things easier for the black people coming after them.