Aaliyah’s biopic made waves for all the wrong reasons and was pretty much panned by the general viewing public. But not too far in the distance, comes another biopic about another superstar who met a tragic end.

After the disaster that Wendy Williams helped to concoct, it’s hard to have faith in any project being doled out by Lifetime, but this next offering may not be as bad as we might anticipate.

Critics are already quite hopeful that Whitney, which will air on Jan. 17 2015, may escape the supreme tackiness of its predecessor. This can be attributed to the fact that actress Angela Bassett who is well-respected in the industry not to mention a formidable talent, is helming this latest effort. The fact that she is attached is enough to give us the confidence we need to keep an open mind.

Another major plus is the casting of Yaya DaCosta as Whitney Houston. When the announcement was made, most people were pleased with the decision based on her impressive resume. She is also a protégé of Tyra Banks – thanks to her stint on America’s Next Top Model. She is well-rounded and has proven she can hold her own with the best of them (remember her performance in The Butler?).

It is always a tricky endeavor to attempt replicating an icon’s life for the small screen or the big screen. Some productions like Introducing Dorothy Dandridge and Ray managed to flawlessly capture the essence of their subjects without sacrificing any level of dignity or resorting to desperate tactics.

We still have to bear in mind Whitney will be a Lifetime offering which usually doesn’t translate to a quality finish, but this time the talent pool may just make all the difference in the world.

Check out some of the movie stills in our gallery!

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