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Actor David Oyelowo is ending the year with a bang! Not only has he secured a Golden Globe nomination for his role in Selma, but he has also landed a part in the indie flick Americanah – which is based on the novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

The film which also features another rising star, Lupita Nyong’o, centers around young Nigerian couple who deal with the typical issues that immigrants in a foreign land. The main story will detail how the couple navigates the struggles that arise from their need to assimilate while they try to maintain their relationship.

Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B will be producing the film. The company also worked on the Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave as well as the upcoming critically acclaimed – Selma.

News of the casting has created excitement and anticipation especially with the awesome pairing of Oyelowo and Nyong’o.

This definitely proves that both actors are mapping their career trajectories in accordance with their talent which is refreshingly encouraging.

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  • jess-s

    I. CANT. WAIT.

  • D1Mind

    Another movie not produced by black folks with actors who don’t necessarily really want anything to do with black people other than getting a check for being in ‘black films’……. Seems odd doesn’t it?

    I mean you got Nollywood and so-called black power brokers in Hollywood and the best they can put on is Selma? Another slave narrative? Don’t you know there are many black writers with fantastic stories on the shelf that are not being turned into movies?

    And the book is good, I haven’t read it all but hopefully the screen treatment will do it justice.

  • Telena

    I will support this movie, but once again, non-African American Blacks are taking all our roles.

    • Tanielle

      “Our” roles? Americanah is written by a Nigerian woman and the character in it is Nigerian as well. How is it “your” role?

    • Anthony

      Don’t all of the South Africa themed movies with African American leads too.

    • Michelle

      I think she is going to need a Band-Aid for that shot in her foot.

    • LMAO!!!!

    • GeekMommaRants

      Huh? AMERICAH is about a Nigerian Exchange student attending Princeton. WOW!

    • Sheik Yerbouti