"Think Like A Man Too" - Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsActress Gabrielle Union spoke to  Huffington Post Live recently and sided with her Top Five co-star Chris Rock regarding the lack of roles for women of color. She also pointed out the positive influence Shonda Rhimes has had in the landscape of television, which has led to more diverse casting on the “most important night of television.”

“Success breeds more opportunity, so with the success of Scandal, with the success of How to Get Away with Murder, — basically Shonda has taken over the most important night of television with a very diverse cast of character.” Rhimes has featured “Black women, [women of] all different sexual orientations, religions, [and] sizes, a rare offering of diversity onscreen.”

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“We need more women of color over a size 4, with darker skin tones in starring roles” — Gabrielle Union

But while television seems to be inherently progressive, other facets of the industry still remain stagnant. As award season begins, there is a clear indication that once again, no actors of color are represented in any of the key categories. Union notes this and expresses her hope that there will be fundamental change in the future.

“It’s very limited, period.” And when you add in women of color or women of color over a size 4, women of color with darker tones, women of color who want to rock natural hair, it becomes more and more limited. I have not seen that change.”

(Image Credits: Gabrielle Union Twitter/Huffington Post)

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