Image Credit: National Action Network, via Associated Press

Image Credit: National Action Network, via Associated Press

So it has not been a very discouraging few weeks and things are getting progressively worse.

The Staten Island NYPD officer who snuffed the life out of Eric Garner this past July will not be charged for the killing. Garner who was asthmatic was begging for his life as he was being choked to death. It was during the struggle to break free as he was gasping for air that led to his demise.

The NYPD patrol guide vividly doesn’t tolerate chokeholds and this led the New York City medical examiner to rule Garner’s death a homicide in August.

Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who gets to walk free has been previously involved in two civil law suits.

Garner was hunted down by the cops for selling loose cigarettes, which is illegal in New York. Major news outlets like CNN and NY1 confirmed the decision handed down by the Staten Island grand jury on Tuesday.

Pantaleo released a statement regarding the incident and the decision that allows him to be a free man:

I became a police officer to help people and to protect those who can’t protect themselves. It is never my intention to harm anyone and I feel very bad about the death of Mr. Garner. My family and I include him and his family in our prayers and hope that they will accept my personal condolences for their loss”.

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