Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 4.52.16 PMThe Harvard Business Review recently published results of a study that involved about 25,000 MBA graduates of Harvard Business School that spanned three generations. The objective was to prove once and for all that men and women are on par when it comes to planning their career trajectory while also including the demands of family life. It also revealed that despite similar goals and implementation, men were more likely to climb up the ladder of success at a quicker pace. They also seemed to enjoy a more fulfilling job outlook compared to their female counterparts. Even more surprising is the fact that there was no indication based on the study that having a successful career is contingent on how effectively an individual balances work life with adjustments they make to accommodate their familial obligations.

So why are women always targeted when it comes to career projections? It is true that women are more likely than men to make the decisions that will impact their ability to be sufficiently tackle the boardroom and raise a family, but again that doesn’t seem to derail their ambitions.

Based on the analysis – both men and women typically do go out of their way to create a schedule that allows them to be productive in the critical areas of their lives. Most women work full-time during the years when their kids are still enjoying their “wonder years”, and yet the playing field is not leveled enough to give them a fair shot in the same fashion as men. Men still seem to be able to achieve greater success, and the reason why is based on the archaic system of sexism.

Women still get regulated to the idea that they are prone to maternity leave, or corporate intimidation, or choosing family over career satisfaction. There is still the searing belief that women are the ones holding themselves back when it comes to proving their worth at work, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, women today are even more capable and willing to exert themselves in ways that will produce the results of all their hard work. But it’s still a man’s world, which means that no matter how female workers strategize their corporate takeovers, they still have to deal with an outdated formula that is still in place and responsible for the uneven results they garner.

Until women are seen as worthy competitors and treated with the adequate respect they should be commanding based on their overall output, it will unfortunately remain a frustrating climb to the top for career women who demand to have it all.

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