Photo Credit: Harvard Medical School Facebook/Rick Groleau

Photo Credit: Harvard Medical School Facebook/Rick Groleau

The outrage over the outcome of the Ferguson and Eric Garner cases has incited a nationwide alliance to protest the blatant injustice that resulted in the acquittal of the accused officers.

Harvard Medical School students, faculty and staff held 15 ½  minute long “die-in” which was staged in the atrium of the Tosteson Medical Education Center in Boston on Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.03.39 PM“Who you are in terms of are you white, are you Black, are you Hispanic really oftentimes determines the quality of care that you receive and your health outcomes,” said first-year med student Rumbi Mushavi. “As medical students who will become future physicians and who will later on inherit health care systems with great injustice, we’re trying to say we need to fight this.”

The students initiated the demonstration and invited the school’s administration officers to join them. Harvard Medical School Dean Jeffrey Scott Flier spoke to the students that totaled about 100. And then right before their lecture, which was delayed to accommodate the “die-in” –  the students, who were mostly first and second year, took their positions and covered the floor of the atrium.

They allotted the total minutes to the specifics of each of the victims – 4 ½ represented how long Michael Brown’s body lay on the ground. 11 minutes represented the number of times Eric Garner mentioned to the police that he couldn’t breathe.

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