Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 3.49.18 AMTwo models are bonding over their similar ordeals at the hands of the man they are accusing of sexual assault.

Beverly Johnson recently spoke to Vanity Fair about the harrowing incident that occurred back in the 80’s when she was auditioning for a part on The Cosby Show. She claims Bill Cosby drugged and attacked her in his home, forcing her to fight for dear life.

Her friend Janice Dickinson spoke to TMZ and expressed her support for Johnson by declaring that she is “so proud of her”. Dickinson also alleges that Cosby drugged and raped her in 1982.

Johnson’s revelation has sparked mixed reactions from the public with some calling her bluff and accusing her of trying to find ways to remain relevant. But Dickinson is positive that her friend and ally is telling the truth. “Johnson doesn’t lie either. I’m lucky to call her my friend. I’m just really grateful more and more women are doing the right thing”.

Johnson sighted her friendship with Dickinson as the incentive she needed to finally admit the truth about what transpired between her and the embattled comedian,

“I watched in horror as my longtime friend and fellow model Janice Dickinson was raked over the coals for telling her account of rape at Cosby’s hands. Over the years I’ve met other women who also claim to have been violated by Cosby. Many are still afraid to speak up. I couldn’t sit back and watch the other women be vilified and shamed for something I knew was true.”

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