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K. Michelle stopped by The Breakfast Club recently to hang with the gang and also promote her sophomore entry, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? It was also an opportunity for the singer to confirm or deny the rumors that have been swirling regarding her alleged relationship with actor Idris Elba.

Based on what was divulged, it is safe to say that K. Michelle did indeed foster a relationship with the gorgeous actor and singer. In fact, her entire album serves as a diagram of what went down between them.

Apparently she allowed Elba to sample the offerings before they were made public and he approved. “I sent him the records before they came out”. “He said ‘This is art. I hate we at this place but this is art”.

Sounds like their 8-month stint together was quite turbulent and provided quite a bit of material for the Love and Hip-Hop star to pull from which is always necessary for any thriving artist.

She also made it clear that she has no intentions of coming between Elba and the mother of his child regardless of how they both may still feel about each other.

If this won’t help propel her album sales, nothing will!

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