The Phoenix Police Department finally released the name of the officer who gunned down and unarmed Black man last week.

30-year-old Mark Rine, is the man responsible for death of Rumain Brisbon, father of four, who was killed on December 2 after being chased and shot down by cops who thought the prescription pill bottle he had in his pocket was a gun.

Since the tragic and unnecessary death of Brisbon, protesters have demanded that the name of his killer be revealed.

Rev. Jarrett Maupin, a civil rights activist in the local area, acknowledged that despite being given the identity of the cop, justice for Rumain Brisbon is still pending. “This is a very minor victory in a long campaign for justice for Rumain Brisbon and for justice against police brutality”.

Meanwhile, Rine is currently on desk duty as the investigation continues.

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