The Internet cannot be messed with especially when you have a tendency to be politically incorrect or even worse – a racist.

A new Tumblr has been established with the intent of keeping a public record of people who have been fired for making racially offensive comments in the past via social media.

Racists Getting Fired, a Tumblr site that not only documents the culprits who lost their jobs because of their documented bigotry, but also goes after the ones who are still collecting their paychecks.

It is an interactive site that even offers a FAQ section for people who are considering submitting racists to the Tumblr site. There have even been willing participants who made attempts of leaving derogatory comments to test the waters, and sure enough they got what they asked for in penalties.

Sounds like an effective way to rid the landscape of those who have no regard for people they deem as inferior. Nice to know those who dare to “go there” will be dealt with accordingly.

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Check out more racists getting fired in our gallery!

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