Image Credit: WDTN-TV

Image Credit: WDTN-TV

Five police officers in Montgomery Count, OH are under investigation for sharing a series of racist texts that were supposed to be in jest but seem more like stuff you would find in the handbook of the KKK.

One of the officers wrote, “I’ll stab a coon”. And another one came up with something more original, “I hate niggers. That is all”.

It is hard to decipher what is so hilarious about the racially inappropriate jokes, which is probably why two of the officers, Capt. Thomas Flanders and Detective Michael Sollenberger have been suspended indefinitely, but they still get to collect a paycheck.

NAACP President Derrick Forward got a hold of the texts, which also showed that the men used the N-word quite heavily, and handed them to Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer. The sheriff confirmed the seriousness of the issue, “The N-word was used several times as well as other racial slurs and jokes.” “Racism will not be tolerated in this office”.

The other three officers, whose names have been withheld, have not been suspended.

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  • Dessoftruth

    This stupid piece of shit probably is threatened by Blacks. He should be fired and his identity should be released so he can be investigated for any cases of police brutality.

  • mmmdot

    First of all, everyone needs to understand the *Dred Scott decision.* RACE is a socially invented POLITICAL CATEGORY that defined whether or not someone qualified for AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP & CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS by physical appearance. You can look up the Dred Scott decision that stipulated
    that according to the Constitution, no person of African descent – FREE or IN
    CHAINS – could EVER be a full citizen with full legal rights. Race classified
    all blacks as separate “race” that politically subordinate to all whites.

    Human beings are not divided into races in the BIOLOGICAL sense of the term, we are divided into races in the POLITICAL sense. This is why – especially in AMERICA – racism exists as a fundamental thread that permeates every context of everyday life. Race is not IMAGINARY. Race is very real as a political grouping
    of human beings and has actual consequences for people’s health, wealth, social status, reputation, and opportunities in life. The distinction between the two
    meanings of race—as BIOLOGICAL versus a POLITICAL grouping—is monumentally important. But whites consistently choose to see race a biological reality as opposed to a social and political reality. This makes it easy for them to
    dismiss the GLARING DIFFERENCES in people’s welfare and social conditions as being fair and even INSURMOUNTABLE–even amongst *white liberals.* I believe the fundamental
    problem with people of African descent is our collectively not understanding the real problem:
    racism/white supremacy. We can’t interrupt and dismantle white supremacy until we understand it.

  • CoolChic

    My response: I know who and what I am dealing with. Racism/White Supremacy. That is all.

  • I’m baffled watch “Outta Compton” usage repetitive calling each other N word. Absurd when others use the sense it’s racist aggression of Hip hop now neo-advocates except social justice. NAPO guilty needs to fired understand stratification
    USA if women,LGBT and rich Republicans you no the answer. Immediately fired not
    retired or rehired look at the fool a bigot ask why not rich type yeah trash!