Image Credit: WDTN-TV

Image Credit: WDTN-TV

Five police officers in Montgomery Count, OH are under investigation for sharing a series of racist texts that were supposed to be in jest but seem more like stuff you would find in the handbook of the KKK.

One of the officers wrote, “I’ll stab a coon”. And another one came up with something more original, “I hate niggers. That is all”.

It is hard to decipher what is so hilarious about the racially inappropriate jokes, which is probably why two of the officers, Capt. Thomas Flanders and Detective Michael Sollenberger have been suspended indefinitely, but they still get to collect a paycheck.

NAACP President Derrick Forward got a hold of the texts, which also showed that the men used the N-word quite heavily, and handed them to Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer. The sheriff confirmed the seriousness of the issue, “The N-word was used several times as well as other racial slurs and jokes.” “Racism will not be tolerated in this office”.

The other three officers, whose names have been withheld, have not been suspended.

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