Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 1.58.18 PMPolice officers who arrived at a home in Idaho were met with frightened venom, as the mother told the cops that she advised her kids not to engage them because “you’re the people who kill us.”

The officers were dispatched in response to a 911 prank call that the woman’s kids who are of African-American descent staged.

But the reception they received is indicative of what most of the nation is emitting when it comes to the perception of law enforcement in the wake of the Ferguson and Staten Island cases. Most in the community are sensitive to the fact that they are seen as racists because of the outrage flowing from African-Americans over the documented proof that they are relentlessly hunted and unfairly victimized. But some are calling foul and refuse to internalize the negative label levied on them.

James Pasco, the executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, dismisses the notion that cops are dedicated to wrecking misery on the Black community, “The idea that police wake up, strap on their guns and in their badges, and sit around thinking about how they’re going to make lives miserable in the minority community – that’s just at variance with common sense.”

Be that as it may, there is a growing fury aimed at the police and it is threatening the overall temperament of the departments across the nation. Officers and their families are being extra cautious in case they are subjected to retaliation that could possibly turn violent. But the overall sentiment among cops is the unfairness of being judged based on the series of events over the past few weeks. James Glennon, a retired police lieutenant from Lombard, Ill expressed his observations about the toxic situation, “Police officers are very, very upset at what’s going on now, and the way that 700,00 of us are being painted with a brush of racism and ill-intent and malevolent motivation – that we just want to go out there and hurt people, when it’s the exact opposite”.

Only time will tell how the fractured relationship between law enforcement and the public can be mended – but for now, the consequences stemming from the lack of due diligence continues to simmer.

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  • Mary Burrell

    On many comment sections many posters suggest that maybe there needs to be more black police officers in black neighborhoods but to me black cop doesn’t always mean good cop .

    • Karla

      A black cop will beat a black suspect’s head in as fast if not faster than a white cop. Hate to say this, but this is how I feel.

    • ShrinktheFed

      If that’s true why is this being sold to people as a race issue?

    • You’re correct. Some black cops have self hatred and even embrace anti-black biases. Our people are calling for just treatment, for respect, for justice, and for real freedom. We want to be liberated from an unfair criminal justice system and a system in general which supports institutionalized oppression. We are oppressed. Oppression is also class based and the poor suffer economic exploitation as well.

  • GeekMommaRants

    The issue with the police is treating blacks with hatred and murderous policies most Americans (white) support. Crime is at an all time low, but the media still hypes crime, violence and fear. Most Americans do not notice until they are in the cross hairs of these badged psychopaths and sociopaths. The sense of privilege white America has about itself is delusional, violent and ongoing. These people have elected themselves neanderthals.

    • noirluv45

      You better tellit!

    • dealivinglotusflower

      It’s us today and everyone tomorrow. They are doing the 1%’s bidding.
      We, blacks that is are the canary in the mine, it’s a warning, we MUST push back and bend them to the will of the people.

    • GeekMommaRants

      This will be the thousandth time we have to this. The rest of this country cowars at the 1% We do not and will not.

    • Love.tweet.joi

      The rest of the country *read poor white people* would rather cower to the 1% than side with us. I’ve seen it first hand.

    • GeekMommaRants

      A comedian named Bill Hicks said it best. “The difference between blacks and whites is blacks knew they were slaves. Whites do not know they are slaves to the 1%.

  • disqus_6sinns1216

    well black men are sick and tired of the THUG label. And black women are sick and tired of the SEX WORKER label as well.

  • dealivinglotusflower

    Nobody gives 2 chits what they think, it is dangerous to call them, with our community the shoot first, stage a coverup lie and don’t get tried. They are dangeorus thugs, government sanctioned thugs. I pray every day that I never need them, the EMS and Fire Department communities are the same btw… overun with racist thugs with an ax to grind against the AA community and murder in their hearts, no one is safe in my community, not women, nor children, old young. They want to exterminate us. I stay well way. i have never broken the law nor hurt anyone ever but them? The poice? I dislike them intensely and hope and pray I never have to deal with them. Ever.

  • Love.tweet.joi

    I’m sure I’m gonna get RIPPED for this, but here it is…

    I’ve always respected the police, even when I felt that I was being discriminated against. But that is because as a woman, I haven’t had the experiences that my boyfriends had. I have had cops ask for my number and not issue a ticket at the flash of a smile. I have had cops who pulled me over in certain neighborhoods, respectfully apologize when I called them out on it. I have had cops hear my story and classify me as one of the “good ones” and let me off with a warning after making an illegal u turn. While some of those cops were still racist, they listened to me and gave me the benefit of the doubt…regardless of whether or not I was in the wrong. I gave them a pass. I was foolish.

    With that being said, had I been pulled over on my way home from work (at 5pm) and thrown in a holding tank (for 6 hours) because an officer thought he smelled alcohol on my breath, I would HATE them. Had I been pulled over for a seat belt ticket, then told my Benz wasn’t mine when my last name was on the plates, I would HATE them. My boyfriends have all hated them.

    Darren Wilson sprayed a girl in the face with pepper spray, then refused to allow her to wash her eyes out. So much for being a woman privy to all types of racist exceptions.

    Now that my son is 5 years old, I know that it won’t be long before I HATE them. Because the perception they have of blacks is unacceptable. Although I have narrowly escaped racism by police somehow, I can no longer foolishly and blindly ignore the danger that WE are in by allowing cops to carry on the way they have for decades. I can no longer pretend that I’m special and exempt from the danger that race plus power creates. I suppose I am becoming slightly less foolish, idealistic and naive.